Maps Showing The Locations Of Witchford And Gannes

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Locality of Witchford

Site plan of RAF Witchford

Satellite photograph of airfield site in 2007

The airfield closed in 1946, with the site now largely returned to farming. One of the buildings in the nearby Lancaster Way Business Park has a small museum commemorating 115 Squadron’s occupancy, and there is a memorial stone just off the A142:

115 Squad Memorial

The centrepiece of the museum is a Bristol Hercules engine from Mk I Lancaster LL667, which was shot down on 19 April 1944 while attempting to land at Witchford on its return from an operation to bomb railway yards at Rouen. Excavation in 1995 recovered the buried remains of LL667 at a depth of 16 feet. After extensive cleaning the starboard inner engine was put on display in the museum.

Bristol Hercules engine

Locality of Gannes

Satellite photograph of Gannes showing features referred to above