65th Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony

This took place on 21 June 2009. As well as elected officials, members of French armed service veterans' associations and many people from the area, it was attended by:

There was as usual a ceremony of remembrance at the graveside, then a memorial stone was unveiled at the crash site on the edge of the village.

The procession enters the cemetery...

Gannes 2009 Cemetery

...and makes its way to the graveside

Gannes2009Cemetery02 (125K)

Looking from the war memorial towards the airmen's grave

Gannes2009Cemetery03 (91K)

Some of those attending

Gannes2009Cemetery04 (117K)

Bouquets of remembrance

Gannes2009Cemetery05 (215K)

A minute's silence

Gannes2009Cemetery06 (158K)

Solemn thoughts

Gannes2009Cemetery07 (106K)

Olivier Dassault (Deputy to the National Assembly from Oise), Nick Goodwyn (CO of 115 Squadron), and Olivier De Beule (Mayor of Gannes and co-organizer of the event)

Gannes2009Cemetery08 (139K)

Chris Dawson with her wreath of remembrance

Gannes2009Cemetery09 (218K)

The grave after the ceremony

Gannes2009Cemetery10 (139K)

Chris Dawson, Mike Duff, and eight members of Finsbury Park Cycling Club flanking Anne Storer

Gannes2009Cemetery11 (134K)

The site of the memorial stone at the eastern boundary of Gannes

Gannes2009Memorial1 (95K)

Before unveiling

Gannes2009Memorial2 (184K)

Anne Storer and Olivier De Beule unveil the stone

Gannes2009Memorial3 (176K)

Gannes2009Memorial4 (215K)

Chris Dawson, Olivier Dassault, Anne Storer, Olivier De Beule, Mike Duff, Dominique Lecomte (the other co-organizer), and Nick Goodwyn

Gannes2009memorial5 (172K)

After the ceremony

Gannes2009Memorial6 (187K)

Gannes2009Memorial7 (235K)

Remembrance of ex-colleagues

Gannes2009Memorial8 (115K)

A permanent reminder near the crash site

Gannes2009Memorial9 (135K)

Some of those attending explained why they were there:

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